Delivery Commitments:

Thanks to global competition, faster product development, and increasingly flexible manufacturing systems, an unprecedented number and variety of management systems in various steps of manufacturing are competing in the market place of manufacturing, giving new ways and faster turn around of the committed orders to the respective clients worldwide.

Gibben Industries supply chain management always striving its best to move quicker possible manufacturing steps and schedules keeping in view the quality of the product. Systems and methods for scheduling deliveries, in real time, to be made within committed time. Before making a deal we deeply analyze weather (1). It would be possible to complete, within the time frame, the requested delivery or all deliveries that were already scheduled to be made within the time window (2). It makes sense to meet the delivery within the particular time window using the available raw material and production Line schedule up seeing delivery dates of already confirmed orders in hand. At  Gibben Industries we have managed a best “Supply Chain Management” that ensures all delivery commitments in time with the collaboration and team work of purchase section that ensures all raw materials to be in time and quality vise excellent and according to the requirements of our clients worldwide.

Material, Quality, Craftsmanship:

At  Gibben Industries we always try to use the best raw material available in the market place so that to make sure quality is up to the mark and as a result craftsmanship could give more elegance to the final finished product. Our purchase depot source raw material both from native as well as from abroad sources to make sure that we are recognized as a Brand in the world market in providing quality & services in our said line of products.

Faster Delivery / Stocking Facility:

We have a clientage list for whom we stock items that they buy on regular basis. This gives them advantage to other companies because as they place order their order is dispatched within 2/3 days. To get this service you may please list down your items and inform us. You only need to pay 80% of the total value of the invoice items you wish to put in stock on this end please.


To follow up the status of your order please use these useful methods below.

1.Always send PO as you place order with us hence PO number on the order will be used as reference number in production line that helps to track down your order status and allow us to give you accurate update on your order status in production line.

2.You may please use Performa Invoice Number to follow up your order status.

3.You may email/contact to your correspondent to see the status of your order please.

4.Request for special “Tracking Bar Code of Production” after a week OR so as you place order and use this code to tracking your order in production line please.


To make things in line we have managed separate communication files for each client. And at the same time to keep physical samples in proper arrangement we have separate locker box as well for each client so that all samples to be kept in one locker for one client with reference number attached tags. This all make things faster and easier when repeat order is placed from the same client even after years.


Craftsmanship! It is a very deep word indeed and it just recall me an English writer John Keats, he says about craftsmanship – I Love Beautiful Things. There is very little in the world that takes my breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well made item.

At Gibben Industries our priority is to make all orders supreme in craftsmanship. Though we are not always 100% but our intention remains to the apex. Each order placed we give our full attention to the details, size, shape and overall look of the product. We really do our best to produce quality product that keep our good name in the market place. Due to our efforts to uplift quality and craftsmanship we are honored to be supplier to some prestigious companies worldwide.


At Gibben Industries we try our utmost to provide excellent customer services and feedback to our clients. Our customer services staff have certain customer services skills training facility so that they may serve to clients in the best possible way. These are as under please.

Attentiveness & Patience:
The ability to really listen to customers and keep calm and patient is so crucial for providing great services for a number of reasons. At GIBBEN INDUSTRIES we are trying our best to give proper training environment to staff in customer services so that to give special care and attentiveness to our clients.

Clear Communication Skill:
Our staff is well equipped both in URDU & ENGLISH language. For local clients URDU native language is preferable medium and for International clients we provide services in ENGLISH. We are though trying to include new staff that can serve in FRENCH LANGUAGE as well being another widely spoken language worldwide.